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Music is a way of speech, with its inhalations and exhalations, its accents, its movements, its expression of thought.

The book of Perrine, originally published in Paris in 1680, will finally be released by Louis this summer. It is a worldwide first. It comprises some of the most beautiful pieces of Ennemond Gaultier, lute professor to the Queen of France, and his cousin Denis Gaultier. The pieces were exclusively written for baroque lute, but unlike most other lute pieces, these were transcribed at the time by Perrine from the practical but imprecise tablatura scripting form to a more precise, more modern one. This has made the Book a fabulous interpretation tool for other pieces; a sort of Rosetta stone for the world of lute. It gives indications about left- and right-hand positions, about ornementation and arpegements.

The composition of musicians such as Gaultier, transcribed by Perrine sheds any superfluous element; its harmonies are engaging, surprising, sometimes even bizarre, which combines to create the pieces' specific charm. With this Book, Perrine distilled the true essence of 17th century Lute music, and offers them to us in the most precise notation ever written, and simply, some of the most beautiful music ever written. This recording lets us get as close as possible to the original interpretation of the music. The book is composed of 32 pieces, of which 21 are in d minor, 9 in a minor, and two finales in c minor, in total 60 minutes of music.

Old Gaultier is one of the greatest composers there ever was for lute. His musical genius is uncontested, and was recognized by all contemporary musicians and authors. Gaultier has always been considered the greatest and most profound of lute musicians; each of his pieces is a masterpiece. His cousin Denis is so close in style and inspiration that the two composers were often confused even at the time; confusion which persists today for many pieces.

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In 1988, he released a recording of five Dufaut suites with Accord (Musidisc distribution).
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In 1989, he released with the same publisher the complete recording of the Rhétorique des Dieux by Denis Gautier, a world premiere. Read an online review of this disc.

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Louis participated in 1984 in a recording of Bach's main masterpieces in celebration of his birthday, at EMI with the Bourrée de la suite en mi mineur BWV 996 and the prelude in ut minor BWV 999
Listen to the Bach prelude in ut minor